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About IP-TV

The world has stepped into a digital era all the conventional methods of doing everything has changed for greater benefit. The Internet has blanketed every other medium of conversing, connecting, learning, enjoying and what not. From a single pin to an aircraft one can find everything through the web today.

In this scenario, the disbursal of core services has also undergone a drastic modification. From traditional dish antennas, the world saw television through the satellites but the satellites also lost their luster to the IP TV which has taken over all the traditional and contemporary models of watching television.

What is IP TV?

Expanded as Internet Protocol Television, this refers to the mechanism through which individuals can watch television and other related material which is streamed through the internet. This encompasses not only the sole medium of delivery of television based content but also the other better and innovative material like live stream videos and time-shifted media. The scope of disbursal of these services through IP TV is far greater than the orthodox mediums.

This medium is not like watching videos on YouTube or even watching something on Netflix. Rather the Internet protocol television is a subscriber-based service which allows the distributor to provide bespoke content to the clients through the internet. The clients can subscribe to the IP TV service to watch the content. But they are also somewhat similar to the content one can watch on YouTube in the sense that the clients have the choice to watch their favorite shows and movies anywhere anytime.

How Does It Work?

Well, let’s take an example here. Suppose you watch your favorite TV show every day at 9 PM, and you cannot afford to miss that show as it won’t re-telecast at the time when you will be able to watch it again. Now for some reason, you could not watch the day before and now you are behind one episode. If you are watching the TV show on a regular cable or satellite operated network then this watching the show at the specific time becomes necessary.

Now consider the IP TV medium for a minute, if somehow you missed the show then nothing lost, as whenever you get time just tune in to the show which is saved by your distributor and quench your thirst. It is that simple. What happens here is that all the content available with your IP TV service provider is saved in data packets, whenever the client requests to watch some particular, these data packets which are saved on to various servers coalesce together and reaches the viewer’s television through the fiber optic cables, in turn, providing seamless content with much higher quality.

Types of IP TV

This mode of service is not limited to the telecast your favorite rather they can do much more than that:

1. Video on Demand: all the distributors of this service have a plethora of content and movies saved on their servers, the clients can choose to watch any of that on demand just by choosing it from the library.

2. TV on Demand: busy in office but you do not want to miss the Liverpool match, better turn on the match recording on your IP TVportal and watch the match afterward and never miss a goal.

3. Time Shifted TV: the content broadcasted is saved and available to watch later by the client. One can even rewind or forward through the advertisements that erupt during the show.