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Fibre and Copper Distribution

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Fibre and Copper Distribution

Beneath any good Wifi, there’s some high-quality cabling; with fibre optics and copper being your choice of materials. With the internet now playing such a huge role in our lives, it’s essential that you consider your needs when it comes to internet speed and bandwidth.

Both fibre optic and copper offer advantages when it comes to your network cables, and we are proud to be one of the leading fibre and copper distribution companies.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic cables are made from thin and flexible glass. Light pulses are passed through using a transmitter, and when the data is received at the other end, it’s restored to its binary form.

Fibre optic cables are generally thought of as faster than their copper counterparts. Nowadays, fibre is the more popular choice, thanks to the recent reduction in cost, although replacing copper cables with fibre optics still remains expensive.

Speed and a high bandwidth is what attracts many of our customers to fibre optic cables. They can carry a high frequency range and experience virtually no electromagnetic interference or noise.
Durable, thin and light, fibre optic cables are efficient in confined spaces. They do not transmit electricity meaning they cannot be tapped, and broken fiber optic cables will be detected almost immediately.


Copper on the other hand, uses electricity to transmit data between two networks. Until recently, this was the only cabling option and although it’s beginning to dip in popularity slightly, it does have its advantages.

Copper cabling is a low-cost alternative to fibre optics, and it continues to perform well against more modern solutions. It’s used primarily in households and continues to be prominent in older homes where replacing the cabling would be expensive.

More recently, copper is getting faster. If you are connecting to a street cabinet or similar, and you need to transmit data over a longer distance, fibre is a more reliable option. However, if there’s less distance to travel, copper can be a great alternative.

A telephone can also be powered directly from your copper cable, meaning that your phone will still work even if your power cuts out.

Recent breakthroughs in both fibre optic and copper technology means that both options are performing better than ever. What suits you will depend on your own specific circumstances and budget.

Why Choose Us?

We are a fast and reliable fibre and copper distribution company, and we offer high performance solutions for your cable needs. Our services include communications, cabling, installation and maintenance. We are also able to assist you with any security issues you may be having.

Our team is experienced and friendly, providing ample support for your needs. Our hardware is high-quality, fast performing and durable, and we are proud to offer both fibre optic and copper installation – with our team members happy to suggest the best option for you.

Selecting a reputable company to assist you with your installations is paramount. You will receive a friendly service and can be sure that your cables are built to last and your internet is also performing. It won’t be long before you notice if you’ve cut corners when it comes to your cable installation. From the initial consultation to installation to testing, we are with you every step of the way.