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Integrated Reception Systems

An IRS Digital System allows you to deliver multiple signals from an array of antennas. This type of installation is typically suited to serve blocks of apartments or offices. A typical system would include a TV aerial, FM and DAB aerials and Satellite antenna which are distributed via coaxial cables to multiple viewing points within a dwelling.
The Integrated Reception System Cables normally terminate at the main TV point in the resident’s property giving them the capability for services such as Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Q, Freesat, Freeview TV, DAB & FM radio all at one location. This type of system is referred to as a ‘5 wire’ system. This allows the resident flexibility of choosing which TV channels they would like to receive or enter into a subscription package with their preferred supplier.

There is also the capability of adding in other satellite antennas to distribute foreign channels, This would entail a larger head end but the advantages are that it would negate the need for residents installing their own satellite dishes on the building. Adding a second satellite to the system would be referred to as a ‘9 wire’ system, a third would be a ’13 wire’ and a fourth would be a ‘17 wire’ system.
Multicore coaxial trunk cables are installed within risers to link the distribution equipment. At each distribution location the trunk cables are connected to multi-switch units these are combined in the multi-switch and each output would then provide all services over a single cable.

Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS)

With the advancement in technology in recent years, fibre optic systems are now widely used on both communal and commercial IRS installations.
The huge advantage of using a fibre optic system over original coaxial based systems is that it can transport a higher amount of data over much longer distances with virtually no signal loss and very little signal degradation. This means less amplification equipment which in turn streamlines the system, set-up and efficiency, meaning blocks of flats of the same development can be linked together from a single head-end and satellite dish/aerial farm.

At Satcom Networks we have highly skilled fibre optic splice operatives and we aim to provide high quality internal and external fibre optic network installations that meet Network Cabling Standards.
We use our extensive knowledge of FIRS communication to design efficient systems tailored to your project and network performance requirements.
Our clients include many building and electrical contractors, consultants, local authorities, housing associations, managing agents, residents associations and hotel & leisure.
We cover all aspects of work in flats, hotels, financial & business premises, hospitals, schools and colleges and housing estates.